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Johnny Sooshi
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  • Hey, thanks for the tip! I'm trying to differentiate playstyles at the moment, getting experience on the field all the while. :yes:
    Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. :D I always admired the series from afar, ever since I mained Samus in the original Super Smash Bros. freaking ages ago, but only started going through the games last year. I have beat them all except Metroid, Return of Samus, Prime Hunters and Pinball, that latter two of which I don't even own. Every game has been one I've enjoyed, though the first two entries of the series feel very primitive, especially considering the first has a remake that improved it in every conceivable way.

    What's your relation to the series?
    Yay! :D

    Oh, I'm interested all right.

    For that matter... once Era II gets under way, I have thr--no, four arcs that'd all make a good basis for a roleplay... hm. Idea bouncing--commence!
    Thanks man! I've been watching the episodes again, they have yet to fail me! :D
    Ah yes, the Metroid Dungeon. With David away for at least the next year, that won't be coming around any time soon.
    BUT I WANT TO. Please?

    Seriously. He saved my Bearer. For that I am grateful. Would you rather her have bled out of the stumps at the ends of her legs?

    [didn't sound weird... at all... heh.]
    She IS sinister. And creepy. And somehow knows everything... she's meant to be someone you don't trust, never trust, and will scoff at the thought of trusting.
    You mean he saved my little Bearer's life. :bleh: And she appreciates it. I'll probably bring up Cyrus at one point or another during the Inducer sequence, when they mention Meli's DNA.
    Yeah, I know. It'll only get worse... but I'm dead already, calculus will have to find a way to re-kill me. (I know ti will)

    At least Cyrus fell asleep! He was still dead asleep when Rocklow-- yeha. When I initially went down that train of thought, I felt really guilty.

    He could have woken up earlier... now he never will :C Oh well. I need Silver and Baba to come back and post in it, we're almost at the good part! The Inducer's about to
    I needed to tell someone of my plan :3
    I left them out on purpose. Every Samus was very much considered, but those are the ones that stuck. I couldn't find a decent render of most others in that pose, and for the ones that I could, they wouldn't have fit in very well, I swear. It broke my heart to need take out the Metroid Prime Samus. All those that remain are based off the same basic varia suit design, anyway. Prime's is too complicated and stands out for the wrong reasons. Regardless, thank you. ^^
    Actually, Era I is reaching its climax with the Inducer. I'd love to get you back in in Part II, though, which i will be holding separate sign-ups for because it's so drastically different and I'd like to give people the chance to make separate characters. I'm glad you asked!

    Sorry I'm late... :sweat: Homework, I was killed by tangents.
    You can create it in fanart. We have one for graphics but also one for general fan work ;) You can create a thread there
    ..Yes it is.

    I just posted a blog. My life is so crazy, lol. I'm reading Homestuck, wishing I could roleplay more, and drawing a few ships because I really need to learn to draw romance. Especially how many levels of romance I have among my canon... it's incredibly complex. As always... listening to ambient and the Homestuck soundtrack.
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