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  • Well...you see I do like it but I think it is a little bit too sci-fi for zelda really.
    No, I haven't finished it, nowhere near actually. I am not liking it that much but I will start up again at some point, but I am playing The Minish Cap, so yeah. Hows you?
    I realllllly hope there'll be another one! I don't remember off the top of my head when Real LoZ started, but it's unfortunate that a lot of animators gradually loose the time and motivation to follow up on their series :(
    Yup, I'm a huge fan of a bunch of Zelda parodies! The Real LoZ definitely has some of the funniest facial expressions :lol:
    Heh, glad you liked it. The "Giant demonic pig" thing seems really popular. :xd:

    In the news post for the video or it's description on the Youtube page, there's an email address. That's where you should be sending your questions. It's Mases' email, but he forwards them to me. I sometimes grab questions that were posted in comments (for both the news post and the Youtube video), but I can miss them sometimes so that's not the best idea. ;)
    hey dude your lp of minishcap is awesome keep up the good work :)
    No, we only can gain reputation from the other members depending on how good our post (not from signature).....
    Hey, thanks for your information....Yes, i can't give a reputation to myself, but by clicking the icon that you said, i can see my total reputation points or give the reputation to others. Thank again....
    Wooo hooo! im getting twilight princess!! but im the only one in my house whos allowed to go on it!! :)
    Hey Jesper I saw your sig and it said "Heroes get remembered... but legends never die". I see where you got it from.

    The Sandlot
    hi again, cant get twilight princess coz i have a lil bro and sis wo are scaredy cats
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