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  • My VM wasn't a insult.

    As for the post in the blog, I kind of...felt offended, maybe I just misjudged you as a "*****". It's just, if I were your fiance and I saw that, I'd probably be a bit sad, but I totally understand taking a break from planning and all. As you said, it must have be worded incorrectly, my apologies.
    I'm surprised you're even considering marriage at 19. Not to discourage you but those usually don't last too long.
    Joliet is just South of Chicago. I guess it is close to Indiana. And if you are deciding on colleges, then don't choose one in Chicago. It is too pack, the people are touchy and the schools are some of the most expensive in the country. Not a good combination.
    No, I hate being in Chicago. I go to the Junior College in Joliet. I like being able to see my parents and brothers everyday. Plus, I save a lot of money.
    I plan on seeing the inside one day. I've been inside a submarine, but a U-boat would be so much cooler. I mean, they were the wolves of the sea until radar came about.
    I could care less about being in it. Though it would be cool I prefer being on the outside. The lighting in the room makes it that much more impressive.
    Hmm, I figured it was the U-Boat part. I've always loved history and the World Wars. So seeing a U-boat just makes me feel like a little kid again.
    I'm a it curious as to why you liked my comment in MFS' blog. It just seemed strange to me. Usually people like one of my comments when I make a witty remark, which is rare in itself.
    ......de verdad ?

    ay, mi abuela dice que es una mujer de la iglesia pero es la mentirosa mas grande que conozco xD que raro

    Una vez mi mama llamo a mi abuela y empezo a decirle que no debe mirar las novelas y cosas asi, y mi abuela dijo "ay yo se estas cosas tan malas en la television" y mi tia le quito el telefeno de ella y dijo "Que mentirosa, esta mirando una novela ahora mismo !"

    Ya me fui de la isla hace una semana v.v
    Un dia mas alla y . . . pues . . . no estaria hablandote ahora xD
    Llamamos a mi abuela el dia despues que nos fuimos y nos dijo que ya se fue la luz y un poquito del techo o.o

    No me queria ir pero gracias a Dios no estuve alla pa esta tormenta !!
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