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Heroine of Time
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  • Well...it's close between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. I can never decide really. haha, but Majora may beat both of them in the near future.
    Lol, I read your name as "Heroin of Time". I was gonna say, heroin ages you terribly, so perhaps "Heroin of Time" makes sense. XD Anyway, nice to meet you "Heroine of Time". You can rage all you want at Hero of Time, since he got the name first. :P
    There's always the masterful power of Flash Drives... That's how you'll transfer the files, right? I got my signature up...
    Well, it's if your curiosity really urges you. Anyways, just curious, what's your fave zelda of all time?
    I really don't know them off the top of my head. Well, if you're curious, there's a thread about it somewhere...hmm...:thinking:
    I found it. The thread is called "all the zelda games ever."
    well, lucky! i only need to play 5 more games to brag that i played the main zelda games. And wow I would've laughed my head off if i saw that statement (what a liar). I read this guy's thread, saying that there are more than 20 zelda games. maybe even 30 more. It's an interesting fact, if you really wanna show off that you HAVE played EVERY zelda game in existence.
    never really played the CD-i, but from what i've heard(and seen...ugh), i really don't know if i ever come a mile near it. Well Spirit Tracks is the closest heroine of time we do have, haha.
    Well, it's just a little tribute to zelda's 25th birthday, i believe. heroine of time, nice username! that'll be a nice little twist if zelda got to save link.:thinking:
    Hey, wow a new member! Just stopped by and wanted to say hi. I'm sorta new myself, anyways, have a great time here in the forums. Don't ask me though, as i said i am sorta new, so i'm almost useless. hahaha!
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