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Heroine of Time
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  • We could celebrate. But I don't get something... In Majora's Mask, if Link goes back in time, wouldn't there be a bunch of Links runnin' around?
    I'm thinking about doing something about if Wind Waker was a flop of not, considering it kind of failed around release date. Have you seen all these epic FS 3DS/DSi stuff? I think it's awesome. Man, I hope it's Wi-Fi enabled, Emo, your sister and I will go all epic sauce and set like- a speed run record. Sad to say I'll probably be the weak 'Link' (Lame pun...). I'll try to get Vio, but your sister wanted it over Red... So maybe Blue? I don't really care.
    Ocarina of Time 3D? :lol: Have you finished the master quest yet? Unfortunately, I only borrow my friend's 3DS, so I never get to play the 3DS version full time. Instead, I play it on GC. I haven't even touched on the Master Quest yet, I don't know why. :hmm:
    No, I didn't. There's no way I'd want to talk to them on Skype, even though Mases is like- my hero. :p You swim too? I do that, I'm actually thinking about doing it year-round this time.
    I can write articles, but I won't get a banner and a color change until I actually publish one. yes, I'd LOVE that new header. You're awesome. You're officially my best I-don't-know-irl friend.
    haha normal? Well, that's rather, nice-ish in a plain way. :lol: I would miss summer if it weren't a thousand degrees outside. Me? I guess you could say the same.
    I'm trying to finish this writing assignment which is starting to be a pain. :mad:
    I can't either, my family is watching Rio. Back to "Friday as Windlilly day" That's really what I thought when I was on Central.
    I was Uber dumb last time. I mean- my name was what I said I would change my name to. And if it says I'm not online, tell me, and then make a room. My Wii has been acting weird lately.
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