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  • Haha, I was getting bored of that other DarkLink one, I have had it for about 3 years over seperate forums now, and seeing as the only member I could think of (That member being Josh I think) having the Joker as his avatar had changed it away, I thought I'd take on the Joker =D
    Oh Hey, Sierra. Thanks for noticing. I'm doing alright in the post count thingy. I'd probably had more if I had played more Zelda games, I'd be posting all around the place. But no, I have to make a living off of the Windwaker board, so it's sometimes hard for me to post about Zelda. I usually post alot in the general boards.

    You listen now, keep up the good work, you'll pass me someday. ^^
    Your just going to have to find me while I'm on, we're probably in different time zones.
    Nah nah, the only clauses for status is that two Pokemon cannot be asleep or frozen at the same time (for WiFi this means don't use Hypnosis etc. until they wake up). No restrictions on Para/Toxic/Leech Seed, and Freeze Clause is unlikely to occur anyway, so don't worry about it.

    Also remember to look over the Ubers list (i.e. note that Garchomp is Uber, Latias w/o Soul Dew isn't etc.).
    I'm not sure exactly when I can be on, but I'll battle you if I get the chance, do you know the standard rules (they should be on smogon if you don't know them).
    Anyone Who Wants to pokemon battle me message me but here Are the rules:
    NO Ubers and/or legendarys
    Lv. 100 single or double
    No forfeit
    NO wobbefet or Ratattas

    Pm me if you want to battle
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