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  • Hey man! dont forget to vote for Zelda Skyward Sword, as game of the year! if you wanna'.....
    Nah man, i get outta school at 3:30 everyday.(my time) i arrive home about 4:15 everyday. and A collage is the same thing as a university,Im in my teens....

    And i made a 80 on my Romeo &Juliet paper, and a 50 in biology-.- lol.
    Whoaaa Gymnasium? lol sounds like athletics to meXD and highschool is grade school 9th-12th grades. im in 9th grade (they call me a freshman or freshmeatD: ) Just about 4 more years of HS ill be in collage:P

    Its not weird lol:P and i willXD Your pretty chill yourself:D

    lol ............how did you know i live in the US? lol, did you use the time differnce to determine it? Gosh lol. and i gotta test tomarow over Romeo and Juliet-.- ANNND another in biology about the division of cells-.- WOO! fun. and living in the future has its advantages aswell:P
    No problem, and im in HS (highschool) and thanks i wanna be the first to know:P lol Kindness? its just me being meXD
    EDIT: oh and its currently 4:52PM for me:D
    Dang i think we have like a 6 hour differnce:P lol well if theres anything you want to ask me about the forums go ahead & ask, and i feel babyish compared to you since you go to a university lol:D
    Hey Gizmo! im Kailyn! how are you liking everything so far? well if you wanna' reply to me just click on my picture.
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