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  • Cool, I can't wait for break, I'm going to have a Doctor Who marathon and try to finish the classic episodes.
    Good, just one more day of school, two more days left of the play I am working on at school, and then one day of finals next week and its break time. I hope I can finish my homework for next week. Then I get to work at the Hobbit midnight (I hope there is lots of cosplay, that is always fun to see.)

    What about you?
    Zelda Universe. I was told it'd be a stretch. Nice to meet you anyway. ^_^ I'm Furie, the gender-swapping lass of Zelda Dungeon.
    okay so i was trying out a bunch of different clothing combinations and the best looking ones were the stealth suit (old world blues) with the hazmat helmet thingy (again old world blues), and the stealth suit with the NCR veteran ranger helmet. also i got the pimp boy 3 billion, pew pew(which is good but uses a JESUS F***ING CHRIST load of ammo), t51b power armor(which is god armor but not as cool as the stealth suit and NCR helmet), i killed Caesar and everyone in the fort, beat old world blues, got Esther, i got about 40000 caps by taking all the empty bottles out of the sunset sarsaparilla factory and taking them to the sink in the sink to fill them up and them sell them, and i think i will side with Mr. house since he seems to have the best intentions for new Vegas plus the legion hates me and the NCR quest stopped working.
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