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  • hey GaFF, i know it's a little late, but happy birthday!

    i hope-ith the birthday knights treat-ith thee to something shiny and pretty, yes? ^^
    Whadaya mean how do I work those things? Do you mean to say how it is I manage to write stuff? XD
    Anyway, you have to make your personal character for the story...
    Haha don't worry about it mate! :D
    I only joined a few days before you so yeah... need more FRIENDS!
    Be unique than the same is always better. I hate it when people try and act like each other. We are individual. Act differently. Not the same.
    No Gaff is that guy you you can say is the servant for the one with the fist. Gaff is a fighter and he has one sword and a red cape.
    Welcome to ZD Forums yata yata yata. Have a good time but don't forget about the rules. If you need something, ask me or another member. One more thing, do you know about a show called Eon Kid. It's really good and I noticed that you're name is the name of one of the main characters.
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