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Firice da Vinci
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  • Oh yeah, iz super safe, Users such as yourself can practically walk on the lava if desired. Because in Cyber Space….Users have super powers.
    Hmmm, well Lord Vain makes it his duty to make people happy so.....mission accomplished ^^ I'm-a the User-Friendly Digital God of Peace after all :silent:
    An eternal sorrow you say....that is not good, Lord Vain must do something to ease the pain :silent:
    Well.....yeah, it stinks. :dry:

    However, I'll just simply ignore it if it becomes a problem.....which it won't for the current fanfic, 'cause I've already determined who will win.......
    Yeah, that's pretty much it. :P

    Though I think you'll like the third fanfic. It's rather shocking so far. One of the tributes......kills all but one of the Careers.
    ....I was joking. :P
    Yeah, a lot has progressed, still brainstorming for new ideas, I actually have the overall story finished, it's just the actual Games that need brainstorming.
    What? *rubs eyes* Can it be? YES! FirevsIce is on again!

    What happened to you? I almost thought you'd died! :P
    Diggly, FirevsIce. I was wanting to see if I could convince you to join my RP site. You can RP in Hyrule, Termina, and a new land we made called Logata. You can make a new charactor for each landscape, two in Logata. We're small right now, but that can often be a plus, less likely to fall behind. So, will you join? If you want to look it over, here's the link. I hope to see you over there!
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