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  • thanx
    'ello. bored=pwnage!!! currently surfing google images for a picture of chuck norris. gonna make a new sig. its a surprise!
    yay! finally gots the internetz up'n'runnin so here's an update.

    I bought PH :D luvin' it. we should trade (ship parts and treasure) some time...

    Started a couple projects, i'll give a few details.

    ~Isle of Sorrow~
    set about, say, 80 years after WW, the Islands of the great sea are starting to come togetjer into one land. most of the islands are still seperate, but have grown in size. the triangle islands, however, have joined into one big island around the Tower, thus perminantly sealing the passage to hyrule. (the growth was intentionally sped up by the gods so that Ganon couldn't escape) well, thats the setting, still need a plot, though -.- i'll take suggestions.

    ~Haven of the Sun~
    i'll probably change the title cuz it underwent a drastic change in plot since i started it and now the title makes no sense -.- plus, it comes out as HotS (could easily get confused with SotH) Anyway, it takes place a few hundred years after AoL. the crystals that link put in the palaces have another purpose: they keep the world intact. but after hundreds if years, the crystals have started to wear out. link must gather the crystal together to 'recharge' them. however, since the crystals are directly linked to the very structure of the world, each time link removes one parts of the map dissapear, making it harder to get around. example: cross a bridge. beat a palace. get the crystal. now the brige is gone. you need to find another way around. however, sometime certain roadblocks vanish, allowing you to acces new areas.

    cool, huh? i'd really apprciate your input, and i'll post threads once i iron out the wrinkles in the plot.

    so that all for me, whats new with you?
    It's because I answer pretty most all of the threads, and when I see you signature, it makes me sad. It isn't cool.
    thanks for the feedback on the Armos topic. I checked zelda wiki and you were right. the error is fixed now
    i posted an Armos thread last night and still no replies :( howcome whenever i put effort into a thread it gets ignored?
    ohaithar. i changed my avatar. it a little small...
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