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  • o by the way, it is pronounced Day-in, i heard it in a video ;) and i found one online, thx for the recommendation
    hi I love rare zeldas like ZELDA WATCH and ZELDA GAME AND WATCH and I also love fire emblem games so much
    oh, thanks:), but since i dont know to much about it, id like to know more about be4 i get it. so, could you maybe tell me what Fire Emblem is about? just a brief summary about the storyline and the gameplay, if you can. THX:triforce: oh, and this is kinda random, but did you know that if Super Smash Bros Melee didnt exist, all the Fire Emblem games would be released only in japan>.<? Its because since Marth and Roy were in SSBM, people wondered who they were exactly, and because of this japan started releasing them internationally. thats how i think it goes:suspicious:
    well, your welcome fahxy and, i really dont know too much about Fire Emblem( i do no that half of the games came out only in japan:(), but i really only have zelda as the franchise that i play, so i think i might start playing fire emblem games as well BTW, i also dont like those stupid shooting games where you shoot at things for no reason, and this was poorly worded as well.....:lol: BTW, thats Ike, isnt it?
    I'm very glad you liked it! Usually I have a hard time getting my point across because I'm not very good with words, so I'm glad I was able to describe the way both myself and many others feel. :)
    Thanks, Zora Warrior, I appreciate it! I made it myself on a free program called GIMP. And, Fire Emblem is one of my favorites! It really makes me think about what I do and what the consequences will be, unlike a lot of the shoot em ups you see around, like the recently expanding Halo series.
    About that discworld quote in your signature: I'd recommend you say it's from the discworld series by Terry Pratchett, in case people have no idea what the Fifth Elephant is. Oh, and it's "usually" not "ussually" =P
    Hello there, Mistah Fahxy. I could make a good guess as to who you are :P

    This is Chapin, by the way. Welcome to the forums! See you around.
    welcome to ZD Fahxy! Have fun and read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
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