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  • Hey, the image in your sig space is bit too tall. In the forum rules we allow a max height around 250px.
    Hey there, EonNinja! Just wanted to inform you your signature is a bit on the tall side. :sweat: Signatures should be 250 x 800, meaning 250 pixels tall and 800 pixels wide. Last thing I want to see is you getting an infraction.
    I hope this doesn't count as mini-moding, but just helping a friend out....
    well trunks always was pretty cool. Only character in DBZ with purple hair. (purple is beast)
    i think that is a fantastic idea. That brings in Zelda topics as well as the community. Would you consider having the creator of the thread, or some key contributors, with you for a portion of your segment? I think this is a great idea for a segment.
    Din, I'm really sorry for the long absence. School, you know? Anyway, my idea was that I wanted to maybe look at a really popular forum topic or thread, do a little research on it myself, and give my take on it. My section does not have a name yet, But I'm open for suggestions.
    You are hoping to make a community based podcast section out of this idea? I think it sounds like a good idea, can you tell me more about it? Give me an example.
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