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  • Pleasure being in your Mafia game, Durion, although I realized too late that once the bandwagon started, it was over for me! :lol:
    Uh, not sure if you realized, (or was intentional) but the Mafia 11 thread is closed.
    I didn't usually just hop on and off. I isolated them with baterangs and then got them alone; if I killed one in a group, everyone would know I'm there.
    It was quite useful, I really only used it to figure out how many were armed (I learned everyone was after the second time). I relied more on glide kicks, so knowing their exact location didn't matter if I didn't have an open attack, to be honest. Indeed, Scarecrow was a big aspect of Asylum, I liked when you first saw him in the morgue. I didn't know who he was originally, so when he popped out of the body bag, I actually did jump. Avoiding him was also considerably fun.
    Yes, they could have. But I really didn't utilize it very much. I enjoyed figuring everything out myself. It was helpful, but not usually necessary unless you were following a trail. I liked Asylum's atmosphere, but City's overworld. Scarecrow was also very nice in Asylum, too bad he was Killer Croc food.
    Hey, I haven't seen you on the forums in a while. I thought you were gone for good.
    I actually got Arkham Asylum and City for Christmas. Beat both of them in a mad attempt to do a super Batman run. Took me a week for both. I've actually gotten a near obsession as well; I'm trying to watch every Batman movie I can find.
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