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  • Gamespot's review of Skyward Sword is unbelievable. It's very nitpicky and does much worse of a job explaining Skyward sword's cons than Game Trailers.
    To get extra hearts, like Cuju said you get more rep. Every 100 points of POSITIVE rep is another heart. I don't know if it changes once you start getting heart pieces (so far it hasn't for me). You don't necessarily have to make long posts, just quality ones. The rep will flood in before you know it - it's happened to me :D
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Dukusword.
    Have fun and don't post only in the Forum Games section like I do;)
    Thank you I will:) and My favorite LoZ is OOT and if I where to make a wish on the Triforce I would wish let Skyward Sword be the best Zelda game (if I had two wishes I would wish let Zelda be real lol)
    Your Fav LoZ game(s)?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Have fun on ZD and don't be afraid to express your opinion it might present new facts, give more insight to the entire Thread, or change people's ideas about the Thread.
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon Dukusword! I am Hero of Music, also known as HoM (which is what you may call me). Read the rules (when they are live...), have fun and be sure to ask me, a mod, an experienced user, or your mother (well, maybe not your mother...) if you have any questions about the site! Great to have you here!
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