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  • Hey, Ducky. How's the Harvard of Canada treating you?

    I've just finished my first year, only exams are left, thought I'd see how you were going considering the last time I spoke with you, you were just about to head off to a mental(ly stimulating) institution. Has a decade of television and pop culture primed you for university life, or is it different from what you expected??
    I know what Perception is, And I feel dumb, I could have just looked at the "About Me" Section of your profile. XD Anyway, that sounds cool. How do you think you did?
    Well now I feel like crap, I just got this now. You still there?
    .................. that username .........
    Really sorry, Ducky. The moments you were online I wasn't and when I was, you weren't. Bad timing. Anyways, yeah, I can do your Thursday and my Friday, like said before, if that's ok with you. I should be online throughout the day so what happened today won't happen again.
    I'm 18 minutes too late, but happy birthday regardless. :P
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