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  • Just letting you know,I started a group for members of Zelda RP,if you'd like to join.
    Oh but see, these swords are for the entire army. So feel free to add them if you want, otherwise you can just stick to your character using the weapons that were used in the first one.
    Yay! Also, I haven't told anyone this because I wanted to keep it under wraps, but heck, wynaut? My character will be carrying two laser swords. These swords are designed to rip through zombie flesh like hot knife through butter. Just thought I'd let you know so you can add them yourself if you want to.
    Yeah, Pendio at the moment is replacing HoT. Awesome! I liked your message because I am glad you chose to switch. Having you as a soldier will surely make the story different.

    You can just go back and edit the character or make a new post if you want. I'd go for the latter, though.
    Haha, you're safe from me, but I don't know about any others.

    Btw, I am gonna wait for Luna till tomorrow. She asked for time to deliver a character. Do you really wanna keep the punk? I can offer you a place as a soldier. I could use the fire power to begin the intro. Remember it was only Hot and Gobli? Three would be better. But yeah, you're free to keep the character as it is.
    Haha, I see. Well I hope you get that charger fixed, otherwise you're gonna keep your fans unhappy.

    And okay, although I doubt that I am a harsh feedbacker. I've never been like that. lol
    I sure will. You will have to give me some time, though. So, maybe after I post the intro to the new The Stand story will I read it and add feedback.
    You think so? I agree. Hey, seeing me actually come back and finish a story tells you just how awesome I thought the story was. Trust me, I know what's good and what's not. XD Not all my stories have been good, less with some mistakes I was able to find out on my own recently by going over several of them, but there are some that I am proud and fond of. You never read A Dragir's Tale, did ya? That was also one heck of a good story, imo. Yeah, before you go on wondering, it is somewhere in the writing section, but don't go and read it, I am actually gonna rework that one as well. I have a fistful of buyers who want me to finish it, as well as the two books that were gonna follow...so I said, yeah, wynaut? :P (You know what I mean)

    So, I see you are still writing the Mechanical People. Could you remind me what that story is mainly about? Also, the cast. ~Archangel
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