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  • Cool, i think she's working on it. If you still have anything to say, you should just take it up with her. :D
    Uh, sure. I guess you would like a ganon related Avy right? I heard Linknerd09 is pretty good at making things like those, too! I never really talked to her personally, but I've seen her works around the site. :)
    Thanks! Umm, ZeldaHuman made it for me. If you want one you should go ask him, or I'll ask him for you.
    I croped out the new Skyward Sword Goron, it came out so well for something done with paint.

    I'm glad you like it :D
    Hey man, want to be friends? I own 33 Zelda's, so I'm a big fan. Also want to be friends on Skype? If so, my Skype darkmaster919199. Check out this post please, and leave comment.
    hello, there, Ganonking! welcome to ZD :) glad to see some new members here. feel free to ask me any questions, or just chat. :)

    Hey Ganonking, welcome to Zelda Dungeon! Hope you have a fun time here, and don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

    PS. press "View Conversation" on the top right corner of the box to reply.
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