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    Pre-Card Announcement: If you're receiving this it's because Misty said you were going on her Christmas (Hitmas) list. You lucky goober.
    Dear Din,
    I hope this Hitler Christmas Card finds you and your family spiffy and lovely. You're one of my favourite new to me members. Whether is it Allah, Jesus, or No One at all that brings you good fortune, gifts, and a very merry christmas, I want you to have a particularly lovely one this year. Always remember to Heil Hitler and nothing will ever be able to harm you including bombs and briefcases.From my family pictured above to you I hope everything goes greato.
    P.S. Harambe Died for your freedom so you better have a quiet moment for him at some point this season.
    Have you seen Fruits Basket? It's not entirely similar to OHSHC, but it is a romantic comedy/reverse harem. Fruits Basket is really what got me into the genre in the first place. You might like it. :)
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    When I finished OHSHC last night Fruits Basket actually came on next on Hulu. I'm definitely going to give it a shot. It just sucks because I feel like there was so much more they could have done with OHSHC. I feel like they spent so much time setting things up and rushed to conclude all these major plot points in the last three episodes. I loved the characters so much and I would have liked more episodes lol.
    I agree. IIRC the manga extended waaay past where the show ended. Expect the same from Fruits Basket. I hope they make a second season of both these shows or maybe someone remakes them in a few years like with Sailor Moon.
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