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Annoying people



There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Want to see what I really look like?
Some quotes here... Though not many...
[21:05:07]<Elminster>: It's my 16th today. Someone send me something good.
[21:05:38]<ING-X>: *Sends an active time bomb disguised as a cake*
[21:06:13]<Blizzerk>: *Sends a cake disguised as an active time bomb*
[quote = Owslafa]I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "He doesn't know what I'm thinking."[/quote]
Yeah, I said that there weren't many. ≈P Might add more later.
Some more random stuff.
Here's something for you (as a reward for actually looking through my sig):
The Legend of Crap: Ocarina of Time
OK, I really don't know why am I advertising this random story. I guess it's because it's funny?...

Here's the spot for the "If you... then copy and paste this into your sig" things:
Copy and paste this into your signature if you like copying and pasting things into your signature.
Only one for now...

And here are some random pics that have accumulated on my PC since the yawn of time:

Credit - Heroine of Time


Credit - no idea. Some random place on the internet 5 years ago, probably.

And finally...

*Fanfare* Monorail cat has left the station!
Since there's that 5 image limit, I only added a few, so check out my imgur profile for more: Dark Lord Demise's profile
Here's a little extra... Ghirahim battle, in spoilers! Well, coming soon, anyway. I'm not sure I want to spend the time making it, but if you'd like to see it, vm me. If enough people want it, I'll get to work on it. Here's a small demo of what it's gonna be like:
Welcome to the Ghirahim Battle tutorial! The basics are simple: you have a limited number of moves, each having a corresponding spoiler. Choose a move and click on the spoiler. It will contain info about the consequences, and present you with the next choice! So let's start a small battle, as an example.
You are on a floating platform in the Sealed Grounds. Ghirahim is in the center of it, you're in front of him. You have the Goddess Shield with a full meter. You have 12 full hearts and 17 heart containers. Your pouch contains your shield, 2 Life Medals, a heart medal, a big quiver, an empty bottle, a fairy and a Red Potion+. Your sword is drawn. OK, now select "Slash" to slash at Ghirahim! The battle has just started, so he's not gonna attack you right away.

You slash at Ghirahim. He is pushed back. OK, Keep slashing!

Keep slashing
You keep slashing. Ghirahim is nearing the edge. He prepares a punch attack. Now be careful. You can backflip, or shield bash. The backflip will let Ghirahim come forward and will give you no advantage, while the shield bash will stun him; however, your shield bash may miss. Whatever you do, don't slash, otherwise he will hit you!

Keep slashing
Ghirahim punches you, causing 1 heart of damage. You now have 11 hearts left. Too bad. Since this is the tutorial, go back and select "Shield bash".
Shield bash
Ghirahim is stunned; your bash is successful. Well done, now just slash again.

Ghirahim comes very near to the edge, and wavers. Stab him!!

Ghirahim falls down. As he falls, another platform appears, and he lands on it. That's it for the tutorial! Now let's get the real fight started!
You backflip, and Ghirahim punches the air. He is now farther away from the edge, though. Since this is a tutorial battle, this is a dead end. The real battle won't have such limitations, but for now choose "Shield bash".
Drink Potion
You have 12 full hearts out of 17, so using your potion now would be a waste. Since this is the tutorial, simply select "Slash". However, in the real battle, you'll have to think about when to use your potions yourself!
Back up
Hey, this is the tutorial! Simply select "Slash" to slash at Ghirahim. It's no use backing up when you can beat him up!


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