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  • Awesome. Thought as much. You had pretty good results in your attack; being a Zora with an ATK of 18 really helps. Also, why are you clutching your side? I do not believe you have been hit this battle.
    Does "a barrage of slashes" mean all you can? I'm putting it as such but feel free to correct me otherwise.
    Alright! I'll go sign up then! =I

    By the way, if you are going to answer someone in a VM, you should leave that message on their page so that they get a notification when you do.
    You could also just click "View Conversation" above, that will also also cause a notification. Just wanted to let you know that. :)
    1) Germany is gone. All that is left is a pile of rubble and random mindless beasts that are exterminated early in the game. So no, no Germany.
    2) Sure. I guess I should'nt have been so picky about the type of gov't... jus no Socialists. I'll go change that now.
    Ahoy there Deku Nut! I saw the WWIV thread you created, it seems fun! However, I just have some questions:
    1: Can nobody play as Germany?
    2: Can I sign up as some kind of Minister in a country which has no leader yet?
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