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Dark Princess
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  • I can relate.....but still….we’re not old yet :bleh: No problem.....only when my friends are happy, am I happy…..yeah :silent:
    You're not old.....even when you turn 18, you still won't be old......at least not enough so to say you feel old......so don't have misplaced feeling's of oldness ^::^ Wait, did that make any sense >::> Meh, main thing is.....don't feel old, cause you’re not old…..and won’t be for a long time.....sense, this makes some.
    Yay! =D Angel Beats is more common nowadays since it's newer. It's rarer to see someone who knows Air~ <3 I'm glad! Although I cried boatloads, haha~ And I highly, highly, highly recommend you watch Kanon, it is AMAZING. =)
    Found you Dark Princess~! :3 Was curious after I saw you in the SB xD I didn't know you watched Angel Beats~ Are you a Key fan by any chance? Seen Air or Kanon? =)
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