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  • Hey Mr.Masterofthweb, it is your B-day and I will try to do something for you. Remember, no peeking!
    Parabens Bomby:)(that means, happy birhtday)
    Hope you have lots of gifts and a yummy cake
    It looks like becoming Webmaster was an earley birthday present :P Anyways Happy Birthday new Webmaster!
    Happy Birthday, Bomby. You got the best gift of 'em all: Webmastership! Plus, a happy birthday from da Petman.;)
    Yeah :) happy happy birthday and enjoy and have fun, must be awesome to have your birthday in the springtime :)
    I know how you hate all these notifications about becoming a Webmaster and it being your birthday, but that's too bad!

    Happy birthday, Bomby!
    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag :D. Now you can drive a car, drink all the alcohol you want and vote....if you lived in the Netherlands ;).

    Enjoy your birthday :)
    Hey, happy birthday Bomby! Have fun and enjoy the fact that you're another year older than you were last April 3. :P
    Yo Congratulations on the promotion. :) I'm glad to see you have reached this status.
    Congrats on becoming a webmaster. I know we don't get along to well, but I just wanted to say congrats. :D
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