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  • A lot of people in my class like video games, but when they do, it's casual games like Fifa and Black Ops. The games I despise.
    I do, but it can be a bit random when you let out a crazy, hyper side(Which happens a lot to me) And I understand about nerd things, I have a friend who is a girl. (No Ideas :P) And she is a nerd aswell, and we talk a lot about Zelda, Pokemon and quite a few other things. However, like you, my dad talks to my mum about video games and how he won't have money at the end of the year, and my mum isn't very happy with the talk about it. It links back to 1995 were he bought a Japanese N64 costing £500, and it was coming out in the UK next month. :P That and dragging her along for the Midnight release of the 3DS.
    I find it hard to talk with people because I am very shy and nervous, and I don't really have anything to talk about with real life friends, because I am into VERY different things than them.
    I realy don't wont to grow up, but it might be better after Puberty. I am not sure. Being young is awesome, you get to do nearly everything you want to do with permission, live in your house for free(By that, I mean parents pay for the house) and you can do certain things without being judged. (Playing a kiddie game at a young age means you won't be judged, and playing a kiddie game at an adult age, like Kirby for e.g.(Which is not kiddie, but just disregarded as) changes everyones opinion)

    Eh, I am bad at trying to convo. But my dad and I's conversations ramble on for half an hour. :P.
    Thanks! There is Josie as well, and quite a few others. Josie is also Eleven, and Windwaker101 is 12. Of course, there are a lot more as well. Infact, most of this website is teenagers/children.
    It's OK. And no problem, I am glad you are welcome to be friends with all ages.
    800 Rep points? You only joined last month! And the trolls here are quite funny, and you can tell they are having a joke.
    If I get derepped it doesn't bother me lol. And I have 800 and just recently got the third so I don't know... If people de rep me then that just means I gotta work better to get a better rep! I for one never de rep unless someone is blatantly obviously trolling but I haven't seen any of that at this website so I don't think I'll have to worry about that here lol.
    Don't worry if you get de-repped, some of them are trolls and don't explain why, but don't get discouraged. And sweet, you have three hearts. I think you need 300 reputation points, or so I heard.
    Lol, I see now :) Thank you for those words. I try to be supportive and open minded while shedding my own opinions on certain aspects. I try not to offend and just explain whenever I conflict with someone.
    I'm making a comeback? does that mean I had a negative or bad reputation before? :(
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