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  • I'm waiting for a topic I have good knowledge of, I haven't even finished the great bay temple yet in MM.
    Yeah, I'd like to answer your questions. Might take a day or two, though; my posting here is a bit sparse and I'd like to write a good reply. ;)
    Congrats on the win, charge! It was really good! Thank God I decided not to try that week haha
    Wow, Charge! That was the best short story I've read since...I don't know when the last good one was! That was great!
    I'd like to read it. I've never read a horror story, though I want to. I like trying to scare myself.
    Yeah. Unfotunately, I can't get my stories to start that way, either. Oh, well.

    And what horror story? I don't remember a horror story.
    It varies. Often I like the narations I read to start like the world is in danger, you can't let this book fall into the wrong hands, yadda yadda. For more actiony books, I like a prelude(sp) that tells a little bit about what the charactor is going to be facing, like in Eragon. For domesticated stories, I'm not sure what pulls me in. I think it's the tribulation the main charactor is going through. For example, her brother just died and she's trying to find a way to get over it.
    They don't pull me in. I really like stories that pull me in quickly. Your stories I have to wait a while for them to pull me in.
    Hey, I don't mean to offend, but I personally think your stories are boring. That's mostly why I don't post responses to them. Sorry.
    Aw :( That's such a shame. I think if more people knew about it people would definitely join in. But it is unfortunate because I love acting.
    Hey, again. Did you Let's Act project ever happen? Hazel mentioned it to me a while ago and I said I would definitely do it but I guess I never actually joined in.
    Afternoon, Charge. Or I suppose it may be morning for you. I just read your story and I must say it was excellent. You can see the comment I put up. ^^ You're a really good writer, where did you get those ideas from?
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