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Bowsette Plus-Ultra
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    Happy birthday, FS! God bless you, man! And remember, you're still young, forget that "I'm old" stuff, man. Stay strong, and godspeed to you.
    Also, here's a birthday onion: :eek:nion: <--------------------------(Birthday onion)
    Looks like we got a Soldier on ZD. Thank you for your service. Oh, and happy birthday (That's how I found ya.)
    Bowsette Plus-Ultra
    Bowsette Plus-Ultra
    Thank ye. It's the third birthday I've spent in the Army, and the first birthday I'm determined to forget. Now that I've climbed the mountain that is twenty-one, everyone else seems downhill.
    HaHaHaHa! Duck walk. Yeah that's a pretty apt analysis of AP. Although instead of "broken" maybe we'll say it's "spotty."
    And I gotta give it points for being ambitious, even if its execution wasn't exactly delivered well.
    Ambition is more than can be said for most titles in the last couple of years.

    Now that you mention it, morality systems were the bfd in video games for a long time there, and yeah I hear a lot of people say AP did the whole consequences of players actions thing better than ME and for all intents and purposed I'd agree although it really doesn't make much difference to me. Morality was an over explored and largely unfulfilled idea that wore real old real fast after it devolved into a lame gimmick after a short while. I think they've finally moved beyond it though if 2013 releases are any indication. AFAIK no one's been talking about it, although Remember Me and Beyond Two Souls are likely to have something like that.

    I've never played Metro and never had any interest in it, but now I'll be sure to steer clear of it ;)
    Well, in HR the stealth approach is supposed to be "harder." Although in its case harder really means broken.

    You're right about the timer thing. I kinda figured there would be repercussions for not completing that segment quickly but didn't know it until she started giving her farewell message. So yeah, would have been nice if they'd given a bit more info. I blazed through it though the second time no problem, but I think I was playing on the lowest difficulty since I was kinda under real time pressure to finish within a week :lol:

    I played AP and it's not bad really. Not good, but still better than HR imo. Stealth was even more broken than in HR though, but after a while you can start playing the guns blazing approach and it gets a bit more fun after that. Mina .... Mmmm. <3 :lol:

    Wanna game with really broken stealth, try Dishonored. But seriously don't. Dishonored is like HR x1000. Bland, broken, utterly uninteresting which is a shame cuz it's got the basis for a pretty decent game.
    HaHaHa! Yeah, I didn't even bother to consider the non-lethal playthrough. Ain't got no time fo dat. And I hate stealth action games. If it's not one of the Arkham games then stealth action is just a pain in the butt.

    HR isn't bad really. Just unremarkable. Good enough for a rental but I wouldn't pay full price for it. Fortunately I managed to play through and return it within a week and ended up not paying a cent for it! How's that for gaming on a budget? :)

    You were talking specifically about the part where the chopper pilot gets attacked after the airship crashes in Shanghai I think, right?
    Buddy, that thread is about EA sucking, not all the multitude of ways in which Biowaste sucks. Stick to the topic.

    How bout we just agree that both Biowaste and EA both suck a big one? Cuz I think that's something most everyone can agree on. :)
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