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I enjoy a good RP, so feel free to invite me to any you see. I particularly enjoy medieval or fantasy settings, although I'll play with any that sound fun. I can play either gender with ease, if any wish for 1x1.

General app:
Sephira is a young woman, slender and about average height. Well-built, she is slightly tanned, having enjoyed an outdoor youth. Her black hair is usually worn in a braid reaching her shoulders, and holds a slight curl when she wears it down. Grey eyes twinkle like twin stars above an angular nose and low cheekbones. Slender lips are usually curled in a cheerful smile, or being chewed by thoughtful white teeth.

Joshua is a well-built young man, with the lean frame of someone used to traversing woods as a matter of course. A light tan sets off his bright blue eyes and angular cheeks and nose. Golden blonde hair is long enough to wear in a wolf's tail, although he wears short bangs on the right side of his face. His features are often contorted with deep thought, although his full lips are easily parted in bright expressions of joy.

The above are subject to change to reflect the nature of the role I play.
Nov 23, 1994 (Age: 29)
Quiet forest





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