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  • I don't agree with their assertions in that thread.

    There's actually a very simple way that you could get out of there without restarting your game.

    The easiest way is to get an SD card, and download one of these files onto it:


    Find one that's close to where you are in the game, and start from there. Also make sure it's for your region.

    Alternatively, there is likely a way that you can hack your current saved game so that you start in a different location (such as Hyrule Field or a Village, to be safe). All you need to do for that, is transfer your saved game onto an SD card, use a hex editor while on your computer, make and save the appropriate changes, and then send it back to your Wii, overwriting the original.

    It's that simple. :)
    hey i read in one of your posts that you loved minish cap you should join my group
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