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  • Psh'aw, I don't have a more awesomer Skull Kid avy than you. Apparently, I am you. Or so ark thought in a thread. :rolleyes:

    But yes, thank you for the compliment. Mandy made it. :)
    Oh don't mind me, I'm just going around ZD friending a few people that I think I should've friended a while ago, because I forget to do it sometimes. :)
    Huh? :O

    I haven't been looking at the thread much. :sweat: But you kept it alive, so have this dancing medic.

    Amazing, I seem to be reading my own thoughts in your words. Its soundtrack really did hearken back to the days of The Wind Waker in a way that Phantom Hourglass seemed to fall short. PH's soundtrack I'm indifferent about for the most part anyway, save for Linebeck's theme which catches me pretty strongly. ST has a lot of catchy tracks, but it's this one that charms me the most. As for me, both that style of infectious charm as well as Twilight Princess's more somber temperament sing to me each for the respective ways in which they excel. I think it's mostly dependent on my mood as to what I'll more likely enjoy at a particular moment.
    Thanks for this Ariel, I'm loving what I'm hearing of Twilight Symphony. You heard the 10-minute preview from before, right? (This one) I think that one's still my favorite so far, but this new preview is great too.

    This might seem a little off-topic, but have you played Spirit Tracks? If you haven't, I would recommend it to you on its soundtrack alone....it's quite superb. It doesn't create the gradations in atmosphere that TP's soundtrack does so well among its contrasting locations, but its soundtrack is very festive, with charms akin to those of Dragon Roost Island. I'm not sure you've played ST, but if you have, I'm interested in hearing your opinion of its music.
    When would be a good time to Brawl for you? How does the 23rd sound? I can't play much beyond the 28th, because I'll be heading off to university and will spend a few days adjusting and moving in.
    Ariel, you are in the Winners' Final against DuckNoises, but before either of you can play an additional game after that, three Losers' Bracket rounds have to be played. So, you can really play anytime over the next three weeks or so.
    As a show of my cowardice, I'd like to humbly ask to drop this conversation. I don't want to start anything, or go into what it is I believe simply because other people WILL disagree no matter what and I know that even if I give in to what others believe (not necessarily you), they will still try to show me up. I'm sorry if you wanted a response, really I am.

    If I could throw one last thing out there, it'd be this: You know how a human has to be birthed? Animals do, plants do, even stars do. So, the Universe (or Multiverses, whatever you believe in) would probably have to be the same. According to the Multiverse theory (or at least, the TL;DR version), Universes colliding creates other Universes. Where did the first Universe come from? It had to be made. Even if it existed 'infinitely' in the past, at some point it had to be made. It's the same thing with humans (or at least, the stories of those who lived forever and ever and ever), animals, the Sun and whatever else you can think of. Sorry again if it seems like I'm pushing my beliefs on you, I am in no way trying to.
    TP was your first game? it was mine too, I think I spent 30 minutes looking for him actually x.x

    nm, I just woke up
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