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  • Hey Ariel, I just wanted to let you know that your statement "You can't prove there ISN'T an invisible pink unicorn between the Earth and the sun" is now in my signature. It's there because it's awesomely awesome point!

    Just thought I would let you know, Cuju...
    Thank you for welcoming me. I'm a long time ZD follower but new to the forums. I'm really enjoying the threads, especially the Mature Disscusion forum. I love to debate :) And yes, most people I've debated with are very friendly. It's nice that we can civil discussions without screaming at each other here at ZD...........unlike most other forums. lol
    Let's run a tab! It's good to see someone standing up. Last time something like this happened to me in a place like this, everyone just turned the other way and let it happen.
    I believe my neg rep was more to do with the shortness of the post. Although it wasn't really offensive or anything, I guess you can neg rep for poor posting quality :S. Still you are right that some religious people here will neg rep you for dissing their religion, but hey, I can live with it.
    Haha, you just have a big fanbase :P
    It doesn't really matter which gets more responses, as long as is it's good discussion, I guess.
    But merging would be good, if just for the sake of tidying up.
    Ow nono, don't worry about it! I'm just glad you're not annoyed by my comment, I was afraid I was being a jerk...
    Don't you love it when someone tells you you're wrong, and then tells you what the "right answer" is, giving you something identical to what you just told them, telling you that it's different even though it's the exact same thing you just told them? It's always fun.
    Looked good. I just hate that whole "government is basically the same thing as a religion" argument. Anything approaching it gets me a little steamed. I wasn't sure I could respond correctly to it without getting people angry. They don't seem to like any statement that doesn't agree with their worldview or that criticizes it in any way.

    But yeah, it's the nature of the rules in question that's the problem, not exactly that they're being enforced.
    So, they're talking about how a religion is the same thing as a government and that they're both entitled to enforce their "laws" on people equally. My forehead still has a mark from my palm hitting it. Care to take this one?
    Hi Ariel,
    I'm curious, where are you playing this demo of Skyward Sword and how are you able to? Like, how are you able to play the demo?
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