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  • Since I know you kind of, sort of check G4 I must know if you have voted in the Deathmatch. If not, go now!
    Well...Are you hesitating regarding Skyward Sword's greatness? Early reviews have shocked me, however. They're slightly lower than I expected. I wished for a 97 or 98 but SS is currently down to a 95.
    Come to think of it, we're getting SS only 3 days after North America. We're like a day ahead of them :P
    I've been doing well at McGill. Minus a ridiculously impossible course, I'd say the academics are going decently. I've made a bunch of friends from my floor that I hang out with on a regular basis, which is good. We usually hit the town every Friday, either going to a party or clubbing, and even staying in the odd time.
    Whoops! Sorry, I got you mixed up with Ashen. So I did NOT send you a PM. So yeah, go ahead and PM me with whatever's on your mind. You're probably right about not posting in the thread itself; last thing we need is a repeat of the abortion thread blowup (which, lest I forget, was basically my fault). It honestly wouldn't surprise me in the least if I said something seriously offensive without realizing it.
    Yep. Just sent you a PM, and there's also an old thread on the subject of Bible translations around here somewhere. I'm not sure if there's one on reincarnation; maybe we should start one?
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