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  • Hey, I guess I'll join, don't know how much I could contribute, but hey, what are friends for? :D
    Well I had guessed you were. I just didn't want to assume, so I asked to make sure.

    It is a good idea to do that in these debates, though.
    Yes, its good for us to talk about these things and expand our knowledge.

    So, you are Christian yourself?
    Hey, I really love talking with you in the "Christianity Clarification" thread. You have some very good points. ^^
    oh. Thanks for clarifying the Zelda in my pocket thing for me. The fact that it had not been launched yet even when it should have was really confusing me. :D
    lol. Hi Alter, I'm just curious, what's the whole "Zelda in my pocket" thing about? It makes no sense.
    Testing... Hmmm... neat site. Wow- I got to put 100 characters into this message? How on earth am I supposed to do something like that!?! I mean, that's just plain ridiculous! How can I ever accomplish such a task?? I'll never get there! Never I tell you! What? Oh, I reached it. I reached it! Oh joy! Hooray! Party time! Drinks all around!
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