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  • Note: I'll have no computer access for a week, and then I'll be back to minimal for the remainder of the month. I've got to staff at a boy scout camp.
    Thanks, guys! Wow... and it`also looks like I'm going to be on staff, too. I'll be pretty busy in a little while, here!
    Sad you will be gone for a while :( However, congratulations on your promotion, I saw it coming and you really deserve it!! Cya :)
    Notice: Hey. I'm leaving for a month, and I won't be back until May. I'll have limited access to a computer, so I'll be on a little. Just a heads up that I won't be on as much as I might like.
    Thanks for the approval, Alter!
    I finally figured out how to read user comments, saw your name, felt obligated to thank you.
    By the way, are you an english teacher Alter? haha
    Aw you're gone. Darnit. xD Yeah I don't mind that you deleted some posts. It's cool. Anyway, you should really go see Coraline. It's awesome. The soundtrack is in abbreviated french, so it sounds like jibberish. xD
    Kewl. I shall do so. You should google Utada Hikaru. She's Japanese and sings beautifully.
    Argh. lol You got me. First one today. X3

    I really like your avatar by the way. He doesn't look like Link, but I guess he is. lol
    Hello, hello! You do not appear to be on, but happy st. patricks day anyway! Your avatar is green, so I can't pinch you. Dammit. T.T
    Yeah, I posted at ZU for awhile in 2004/ 2005 and it doesn't surprise me they're like that. I've never had anything quite that bad happen to me, but I did leave ZE because debating anything there was almost a joke and I disagreed with the majority on everything.

    Remember, you can't avoid debates. :P Stick to Zelda discussion and you'll probably find yourself in more trouble than if you discussed religion (as someone who was extremely disappointed with Twilight Princess, I've experienced that XD). So yeah, it's all about how mature the forumers are. Dissent is nice. That's what makes forums interesting. Otherwise, it's just like.../b from 4chan or something o_O

    Glad to hear it's nothing serious too. And yeah, I'll friend you. I'll add you on skype, too, if you don't mind. I'm not obnoxious and talk very little, so I won't be much of a problem. XD
    Hey man. I just wanted to say I appreciate your thread...it's good debating with you! I'm also sorry to hear you have health problems. There may be some assholes who expect debaters to respond to every point immediately, but I'm not one of those because life gets in the way. I hope we can have future conversations regardless.

    I'll also be joining your group.

    God bless!
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