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  • So, you may or may not know this, but I've been giving people stupid nicknames as of late. Just now, I was bored and saw your username, so I gave you one with the help of some others on the shoutbox.

    You are now ctrlAltzdel. Like "control alt delete," get it? :xd:
    lol. I didn't REALLY want to know. I was just wondering because you seem to be a very strong/mature Christian, is all. That thingy was interesting...just too much stuff about Zelda...seems as if that's your whole life or something 0.o?
    I'm sorry, I guess I just don't like the Zelda stuff as much as I used to....that's why I haven't been on ZD much at all lately.
    don't worry about it. its cool.

    yup, better late than never. :)

    hey, if you don't mind my asking....how old are you?
    cool. staying busy is a good thing. ;) I've been a bit busy myself...speaking of which, I have to go take care of stuff. I'll see ya around. :)
    Wow...the beginning of the month...it did take me a long time to notice. lol.

    I've been fantastic, you?
    That sounds right. Not just userpage editing too (I'm very guilty of that, almost half my edits (I think I have 35 edits) were on my userpage) I still need to work, but I can't find many pages that need helping. >_<

    That might be a problem for some other users, too.
    Alter wrote: "Perhaps certain monthly or qurtarly standars should be set. What are your thoughts?"
    Firstly, I can add quote boxes to visitor messages, and secondly, I sent this to you as a private message because I can't post in the ZeldaWiki group because I still need more edits. ... Anyway.

    I like the sound of your idea, maybe a required 10 edits a month perhaps, or is that too harsh? But if you are going away, the requirement isn't needed temporarily. Just my thoughts on that.
    yeah, congrats on the HH job, and you even joined after meO.O. A Hylian Hero that on;y came 3 months ago, impresive.
    I never got to say this, so I'll say it now:
    Congrats on your promotion, you really deserved the Hylian Hero rank, I see all your posts with great grammar and spelling! Well done. :)
    Thank you :) Nice that you added me to the list. I actually have an account at ZeldaWiki, but I never use it. I believe it´s better if the people who master the english language are active there. I´m decent for being a non-native english speaker, but not god enough in my own opinion to be active at ZeldaWiki. However, I respect and admire the project, splendid it is :)

    If I don´t hear from you before, have fun at the camp!
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