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  • Look at your PMs. Important for ZT. Has to deal with the domain name and such. Please look.
    Ik zag net je coole Phoenix Wright avatar. Ik had die altijd op mijn ebuddy pagina :P

    en dat was het weer voor dit vrij zinloze bericht :xd:
    Haha, yeah I finally changed it! I didn't really see a need to before, but I felt it was time for a change. :P
    *revives Akiranon*
    And I added a profile avatar thing too.
    I don't believe so...
    I currently post, or have previously posted at:
    ZI, ZU, ZL/LA, TheHylia, HyruleCourtyard, ZeldaTemple, and for a while I had my own invisionfree board specifically for theorists. I think that covers it...
    You like Absolutely by Nine Days? I love that song! It may not be right up there on my list, but it's still fairly high. *Rocks out to it*
    Evereytime your avatar is from various anime's
    It has become a game too me like "name the anime character"

    This time i lose...the face is familiar but i can't remember the name.
    We need Josh and then some more people, not just more people. :)

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