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  • I actually can't remember, it's been so long. For some reason I'm thinking it had to do with school.
    I tried to explain it to some newer peopel, and they didn't seem to understand. =P
    Yeah, PS3... MIGHT have one by the time it's released though, hopefully. T.T

    xD Well... I'm liking it less and less as I get farther. The battles are just so... boring to me. You don't move or control anything, just pick your attacks and watch the fight. Another thing that annoys me is that if the character that you are playing as dies, it's game over. Even if the other members in your party are still alive... It gets old real fast. Glad to hear FF VII is good though. 8D
    Ugh, it sucks that summer isn't here yet.D= But I think it'll be here before we know it. Time flies by so quickly, anyhow, and in my area temperatures are rising and finally all that dang snow is starting to melt.<.>

    I think there is pros and cons of both. I'm wanting to get a 360 someday, just to be able to play with my friends and all, but money is sorta tight and I'm pretty happy with my PS3. Also, paying for Xbox Live would be a bit of a drag. It isn't something I'd use a lot. Oh, and if you get a PS3 that'd be awesome. Maybe we could play Black Ops together or something.xD

    Oh my, you really should. Assassin's Creed has to be one of my favorite games, honestly. 8D Ah, I'm pretty horrible at Black Ops too, but I'm improving as well...kinda. Using red dot sight might help ya out if you have bad accuracy like me. It worked wonders for my aiming skills.
    That would be great if the region lock wasn't for the games.
    Here's the Hearts script http://vesperia.livejournal.com/340739.html
    And the site for Tales of Xillia if you're interested. http://tox.namco-ch.net/
    And now Tales of Graces F is getting localized. YAY!

    Cool! I've heard that it was good, but I don't think I'd like moving with a cursor either. And I've also heard VII was good... Is that the one with the random enemy encounters though? Maybe I'll try it sometime if XIII doesn't traumatize me any more than it has. xD I still love playing older games.

    Oh okay. xD
    Been doing alright, school has been a bit of a hassle like I said. Summer is coming soon though, for the both of us. xD

    I think that's actually a pretty good idea. Advent Children wasn't perfect, they could have done much, much better on the storyline, but there is a lot of potential there and watching the CG action was pretty amazing.=P
    PS3 is a really good console to go with. It has free online, blu-ray, etc. Only problem is not a lot of people have PS3's, at least the people in my district don't, and there aren't as many games.

    I haven't played games in the longest time, but I'm thinking about breaking out some older games I never finished after I 100% complete Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and suck less at Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
    What specific games are you playing anyhow?
    Oh yeah, I got mine on Ebay a few years ago. Hope you can get a copy. It's a good game. :) I'd love to get the 3DS port but I'm not sure if the 3DS is region locked... HOPEFULLY the game comes here, but I doubt it. Guess we'll just wait to see. Yes, someone translated the main story to Hearts. I can get you the link to it if you'd like. There's also a guide of the main story on GameFAQs. A team is also working on an English patch for the whole game but that might be a while.

    Oh I know! I can't wait for some of the games coming out this year either. There's a whole bunch. Is Persona 3 any good? As for FFXIII, I don't really like it, personally. I mean it's okay, but it's just way too linear for me. You're on a straight path for most of the game. There's one part in the later half of the game where there's a free roaming area and you do quests and stuff but that's about it. I don't care much for the battle system either, but the story is okay and the graphics are amazing. Buuut, FFXIII is my first FF game and I don't know what the others are like. You might like it if you're a fan of FF, but I've also heard that it's nothing like the others so I dunno. I guess it's a love it or hate it kind of game.

    Sure! I don't have Xbox live anymore though. :c Hopefully I can subscribe again soon.
    Yeah, that's the same thing that bothered me about Vesperia. And then same thing happened with Tales of Graces. And now we have Tales of Xillia coming out for the PS3. Guess we need to get a PS3 soon... and learn some Japanese. xD

    Tales of Symphonia was my first Tales of game, then I got ToS: Dawn of the New World, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Hearts. I got Tales of Hearts even though it was only released in Japan because I found a fan translation of the script online. It worked out real well. :)

    Right now I'm playing through Arc Rise Fantasia and FFXIII. What games are you playing at the moment?
    Ooh, sorry for super late reply. My internet's been down and I've been busy with school activities and such. ^-^;

    Like I said, I haven't played a whole bunch of Final Fantasys but I really want to try some more. I'll probably check into getting VII because of all the mass hysteria over it, and I own Advent Children and liked the plot to that quite a lot. :U IX actually looks really awesome, despite it not being super popular or anything. I have a bit of a thing for games that aren't relatively well known or well liked, to be honest. Not that I try to stray away from what's in, that's just honestly what I like.
    And that must be a major pain with the three discs deal, I bought PS3 instead of 360 partially for that reason alone.

    I'm not sure how many times I'd finish it. I'm not exactly a patient person when it comes to games, but I think I'd put up with it to see all of the endings. C:

    It's a very pretty gibberish language, in my opinion. It's funny that despite the words having no meaning, they're still really quite powerful and awesome.

    True that, it really didn't get as much attention as it should of. The game isn't perfect, but I'm still purchasing it as soon as I finish up some of the games I got for Christmas.=P
    xD Sorry for the late reply... I seriously need to come here more often. :lol: Anyways, I'm good, how are you doing? :D
    Tales of Vesperia is awesome. ^^ Have you played any of the other Tales of games? :)
    klinkt goed.. en jou codenaam is vanaf nu "li'l racist", nee grapje :lol: we noemen je wel agent "mole".
    als je trouwens een codenaam voor mij weet, zeg je het maar (ik heb er nog geen D:).

    ons team:
    - ik
    - agent turtle (Smitie)
    - agent penguin (bigelover)
    - agent mole (Akiranon)
    - secret angent veedy (Arkvoodle)

    maar pas wel op voor die graspol gast (Flagpol), in onze laatste actie hadden we een plan om hem via veedy naar zwitserland te leiden om daar zijn lolly de stelen, dus hij is al op zijn hoede.

    Ik weet het, dit hele gedoe is gestoord :lol:, maar wel grappig
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