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It’s that time again…a new Generation of Pokémon games, with new lands to explore and new challenges to face. And with this new Generation comes a difficult choice: which starter will you choose? Will it be Snivy, the cool and collected Grass type? How about Tepig, the next in a line of Fire/Fighting starters? Or will you decide upon Oshawott, the deformed little Water type? And in this decision making process, memories of old starters will start to bubble up.

We all remember our first starter Pokémon. Whether you got it way back in Generation I, or just recently in Generation IV, you can’t forget that first lovable little creature that you chose for your very own. For me, it was Charmander all the way back in Pokémon Red Version.

We remember our starters not only because they are our first Pokémon, but because they are our constant companions throughout our exploration of the new world ahead of us. While they may not be the most perfect, or have the best moves, or have the best stats, they are our first, and we’ll probably keep them around from your first steps our of Nuvema Town all the way to the Elite Four. Sure, you could ditch your Starter the first chance you get. But most will keep them around as their most trusted ally in a strange new world.

So, whether you make the choice because of typings, cuteness, strength, their evolutions, all of the above, or randomly, your starter is your best friend in the unknowns of the Unova region. Enjoy Black and White everyone, alongside your newfound friend!

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