Well, Zelda Dungeoners, I’m sick. As of the writing of this post my head is pounding so hard I can’t see straight and my nose is trying to perform its best imitation of a faucet. All the same I would never dream of depriving you wonderful folks of your weekly music feature (besides, Bastian would kill me if I skipped out on another post) so as they say, the show must go on!

Since I’m under the weather I got thinking about what Zelda music matches well with flu season and the general feeling of being ill. While a few songs came to mind, the number one choice for me was “Grandma’s Theme” from The Wind Waker. I personally tend to avoid picking favorite games from the Zelda series but if I did The Wind Waker would be a top contender so expect bias.

Either way, to read my thoughts on “Grandma’s Theme” go ahead and jump in!

Before we get started I want to clear up one thing: I know this song isn’t limited to Grandma’s illness. It continues playing inside Link’s house for the rest of the game even after you heal her. Nonetheless, I have always associated the tune with her sitting in her chair wrapped in a blanket and wallowing in her sadness (or whatever it is grandmas are supposed to wallow in).

Even if you don’t associate it with her depression, the song is not exactly happy. With its steady tempo and the melding of the lower woodwinds with some strings the tune is… depressing. It has a nice homestead feel to it, but that is overshadowed by the sadder tone that defines the song. Still, I often find that many of my favorite Zelda tunes tend to be the sad ones and this is no exception. This song is beautiful; from the light plucking of strings to the rising and falling strains of the woodwind instrument (which I think is meant to be an oboe, possibly a variation of the clarinet) it just tugs at you.

As I said before, The Wind Waker is among my favorite Zelda games and this song is near the top of the list where the game’s music is concerned. It is very smooth and flowing, without any distracting complexities to take away from its sweet tune. I love this song, what can I say?

I would love to write more about “Grandma’s Theme,” but I feel at this point I would just be writing in circles. On that note, I am going to get some rest and pray I don’t feel like an Octorok’s target practice when I wake up (maybe I should have a sip of Grandma’s Elixer Soup?). In the meantime, be sure to let me know how you feel about this song and leave your thoughts in the comments. See you next week!

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