From small YouTube team Qwerky, Marc Winter lays out his top 10 Zelda main storylines. Winter ranks the main storyline of ten Zelda games based on just the story itself and how the story is told rather than the game as a whole. Our fellow Zelda fan speaks of the main storylines from Majora’s Mask, to Skyward Sword (shush, no booing allowed), and even Four Swords Adventures (betcha didn’t see that one coming).

With his own brand of comedy, Winter discusses the effect and impact these main storylines had, not only on him, but on the franchise as a whole. The Adventure of Link added onto the original Zelda‘s story by adding depth and motivation to Link’s actions. Spirit Tracks is set in a Hyrule with notable advancements in technology (choo-choo!). Ocarina of Time introduces the Goron, Gerudo, Kokiri, and Sheika as well as that time-split/multi-verse/game theory/is the hero dead?/a;ldfndlaks;dlkf . . .

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