Despite their many differences, Zelda and Mario are probably Nintendo’s most well-known franchises. Given that one features a sword-wielding hero defending a fantasy world from the forces of evil, and the other a plumber jumping on cartoonish creatures and giant mushrooms, a serious crossover between the two isn’t likely. However, both have given one and other the occasional in-game wink or nod.

In a recent video, Alex of Nintendo Life discusses some of the lesser known homages these series have paid one and other. Probably nearly every Zelda fan is familiar with the Mario paintings in Hyrule Castle, which can be found in Ocarina of Time upon visiting Princess Zelda in the Hyrule Castle Garden, or the fact Talon and Ingo are modeled after Mario and Luigi respectively. Such well-known easter eggs are not mentioned in this video, which focuses on harder to find or notice in-game references.

What do you think of the “crossovers” Alex points out in this Nintendo Life video? Did you notice any of them yourself? Are there any others he missed? Let us know in the comments!

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