Ocarina of Time 3D Review

GamePro Germany is the first to release a review of the new 3D Ocarina of Time. Their verdict was 93%, earning it a platinum award. This little summary box of theirs, which is fully translated inside, has nothing negative to say about the game. That leaves me wondering, why 93%.

While that is a good score, it’s a good score for common good games. Ocarina of Time should be getting much higher, like, above 96% minimum in my opinion. This either means that somehow the remake is worse than the original, which I doubt, meaning that it must be getting marked down for being a remake and thus, obviously not as revolutionary. Shame.


  • Impressive 3d effect
  • Pretty light effects
  • Loveable characters (complete with funny facial expressions)


  • Familiar (grandiose) themes
  • Very rich in variety
  • Typical Zelda jingles and sound effects

Pros and Cons

  • Long playtime
  • Many side quests
  • Varied dungeons and boss battles
  • Perfect use of the touch screen
  • Partial motion control (camera)
  • Contains the unlockable master quest
  • Prettiest 3DS game to date

Bottom Line

  • Brilliant remake of one of the most brilliant games of all time

The mention of funny facial expressions makes me think of the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The original game had some decent expressions, such as Link’s priceless surprised look, but the graphics didn’t allow them to be entirely pulled off. Looks like they’re perfect this time around.

Source: NeoGaf [via GoNintendo]

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