Xizor of Legend of Zelda.com Wearing a Teletubbies SuiteSome of you may be wondering what exactly the “Lozzies” are, as well as what the hell it has to do with Teletubbies. Heck, who’s that guy you see with the sly smile, and is that a Zelda Cartoon cameo appearance? Well folks, lets just jump right into it. We posed the question to Xizor, one of the webmasters at Legend of Zelda.com and he had this to say:

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc: Xizor, what exactly is the lozzies?

Xizor: They are LoZ.com’s way of recognizing other sites in the community, in order to not only shed light on what they do well, but also to bring some new attention to sites we wouldn’t normally visit. In other words, we’re trying to promote the community to itself.

With that being said folks, they have released their first two Lozzies, out of a grand total of nine that will be announced each day for the next week. Did we win yet another award? Doubtful, it is day one after all! Still, hit the jump to find out who won, the full teletubby explanation, and some more words from one of the webmasters of Legend of Zelda.com.

The first two announced Lozzies are “The DaVinci” and “The Rising Star”. The winners of these new awards belong to…

The DaVinci – Most Innovative Initiative: Zelda Reorchestrated

The Rising Star – New Site with the Most Potential: Portal to Hyrule

Congratulations to the winners! While I do have gripes with The Rising Star award (ZeldaInformer is two years old, where as PTH is three, let alone the fact that having “years” behind the sites would mean they are not exactly new) it doesn’t mean the site itself doesn’t deserve the proper recognition for what they have accomplished. To see why each site won their respective awards, check out their latest update on the Lozzies.

I asked Xizor one more question before parting about where the Lozzie name came from, so lets get to that before moving on:

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc: Why the name lozzies, and be honest, how many awards did we walk away with? 5? 6? I’m going to go with 6.

Xizor: We named it “Lozzies” because “Pwnfest 2009” and “Legends of the Zelda Community” sucked, and we are LoZ. We call ourselves “LoZers” so “Lozzies” seemed to be fun. And ZI won nothing. Get over yourselves.

Some pretty harsh words. It’s all good, I have it on good word he is a closet ZI fan. Some day we’ll all get to chant “Xizor, it’s time to come out of the closet”. The world will rejoice. We’ll be sure to keep you updated each day as the awards get announced. Keep your fingers crossed folks, there are still seven awards we have a chance to win.

Now, lets get back to what you really care about: Teletubbies. The picture itself contains the face of none other then Xizor himself. Four distinct looks, all one man. What does this really have to do with Zelda? Well, there IS a cameo there if you look closely at the picture. I promise you, the picture is 100% unaltered from its original form.

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