The Legend of Zelda Comic

Last year we formed a partnership with the ZeldaAnime crew in their recreation of The Legend of Zelda Cartoon Series in comic form. Today we have updated our Zelda Comic Section entirely, and now feature each comic on it’s own page. Today we also have updated our pages to include the first 20 pages of chapter 2 in the ZeldaAnime project. If you’re wondering, we also split off 72 Hours Remain into it’s own page as well and removed the lightbox function to make it more readable. As for the MSPaint Comics, those will be making a return later this year.

A new navigational link to the comic section will be included next week as we begin the early planning stages of revamping the entirety of the sites navigation to make it easier to find. Until then you’ll have to bookmark the comic page or check this post for links. In case you’re wondering where this section went, it’s actually been available through the site this entire time in the footer. Hopefully 72 Hours Remain will be all set to return later this year.

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