First4Figures has announced an updated version of their life-sized Majora’s Mask statue, a product made available earlier this year. The replica initially released with two versions, a standard version and an exclusive version with LED eyes. First4Figures has recently announced a newly-updated Exclusive Edition as part of their “Last Chance Weekend,” which will be available for preorder on October 27. For some context on what is different between this updated version of the mask and the original version, the company has also uploaded a handy comparison video showing off the differences.

The comparison video listed the following features as part of the updated Exclusive Edition:

  • Glossy coated horns
  • Improved eyes with extra details and paint
  • New and fully textured mask – front and back
  • Revised overall paint scheme

This edition of course also includes the features of the initial Exclusive Edition release. The product description states:

“The Majora’s Mask Life Size Replica stands at 25 inches tall from the tip of the horn to the base, making for a simply stunning display centerpiece for any Zelda fan.

Comes in deluxe full-color packaging, hand numbered base and an authenticity card that allows you to purchase the same product number for future pieces in the The Legend of Zelda Life Size Replica series.

This is the exclusive edition of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask where LED’s are include allowing the eyes glow brightly, truly bringing the entire piece to life.”

“Product Size:
Height – 25 inches (63cm)
Width – 23 inches (58cm)
Depth – 13 inches (33cm)

Weight – 8KG”

The updated Exclusive Edition of the Majora’s Mask replica will cost $384.99 USD. The product is estimated to be shipped in 2018, with preorders slated to begin on October 27. You can find more information on the product page here.

Will you be grabbing this impressive figure? Check out the image gallery and video, and, let us know your answer in the comments!

Source: First4Figures

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