First4Figures, a popular figurine and collectible creator, recently revealed the next pre-order in their long line of quality Zelda figures. True Form Midna will be part of First4Figures’ Twilight Princess line, with the statue finally becoming available for pre-order this coming Friday. On May 11th, after a live Facebook Q&A, pre-orders will open for this new True Form Midna figure.

First4Figures also released a teaser trailer for the figure, which is located above. No mention of the True Form Midna pre-order price has been given just yet, but the pre-ordering guidelines are available here if more information is needed. First4Figures also mentioned that they are currently working on a life-size Sheikah Slate and Rider Link figure as well, though no further information was given past a brief mention.

True Form Midna from First4Figures will be available for pre-order after a live Q&A on May 11th, which is scheduled to begin at 10 PM Hong Kong Time (10 AM EST, 9 AM CT, 8 AM MT, 7 AM PST, and 6 AM in Hawaii and Alaska). The live stream will feature information on the product, high-resolution images, and a “Making of” documentary. You can view the live Q&A on First4Figures’ Facebook page right here.

Will you be pre-ordering True Form Midna? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: First4Figures

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