With only nine days left until the release of Tri Force Heroes in Japan, gaming publication Famitsu has revealed their review scores for this brand new multiplayer Zelda experience. It is important to point out that unlike other publications that review games, Famitsu gives each title four individual scores from four different people. This is done in the hopes that their review will be more accurate than when a single person reviews the game.

Famitsu ended up giving Tri Force Heroes a score of 9/9/8/8. Each score is out of ten, so the combined total is 34/40. This is one point above Four Swords Adventures, which was only given 33/40. Personally, I think it’s a very good review score, but other Zelda titles have received higher scores in the past.

Will you be buying Tri Force Heroes? I have it pre-ordered, and I am very excited to play it with the rest of the Zelda Informer community. Be sure to give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything)

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