First 4 Figures: Zant

Zant First 4 FiguresOver the last few years, the folks over at First 4 Figures have been creating high quality Zelda related figurines. These aren’t just your average toy figurines that you would find at a Toys R’ Us or other retail stores. These figurines are high quality, hand finished, and hand painted. They truly look amazing but with the obvious setback of the extremely steep cost. They are so expensive that the average consumer, myself included, simply doesn’t have the money to shell out for a sweet figurines. The most recent variant from First 4 Figures is set to release this month and it is of one of the main antagonists from Twilight Princess, Zant. It comes in two versions, one with his helmet and another without his helmet. As you can tell, they are priced at $329.99 and $349.99 respectively, quite expensive indeed.

Recently a few behind the scenes pictures surfaced showing the production of the Zant figurines that are set to go on sale. Personally, I think that the image above is just freaky. An army of Zant figurines just standing shoulder to shoulder. That would be pretty sweet to have that setup in my room here at the house, but that many Zant statues would cost literally tens of thousands of dollars! Thus, we are left to view them in pictures alone. You can get a look at a bunch of other pictures of the figurines being produced by clicking here. Be sure to let us know what you think of the First 4 Figurine Zant models by posting in the comments below!

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