First 4 Figures makes some of the very best The Legend of Zelda collectible statues with a vast array of different characters represented. They have Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask, Dark Link from Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf from Twilight Princess, among 16 other high quality statues. They typically range between $99 to $479 USD, with the more expensive statues being much larger and featuring far more detailed work. While they are well regarded, I personally haven’t had the liberty to verify the quality – though several of our fans seem to lay claim that they are worth it.

This leads to today, where First 4 Figures announced on Facebook that Link on Loftwing, the next statue in their Zelda line, will be available to preorder tomorrow. They also gave a pretty nice teaser so we know what to expect in general:

“Link on Loftwing pre-orders open Tuesday 28th October only @ Low numbers given on a first come first served basis! Our biggest Zelda piece ever!”

This tells us it will be bigger than the current biggest statue they have which is Ganondorf at 23 inches tall. It also gives us an idea that this will be on the expensive side, costing close to $500. However, all of their statues are limited and generally only ever run one production. As an example. there are only 750 of the Ganondorf ones made all together. If you’re interested in the Loftwing one, be sure to check out First 4 Figures tomorrow!

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