Shrines are what make up the bulk of Breath of the Wild. I personally couldn’t believe there would be over one hundred, but there is certainly that many, and more. Since the game’s release, players have been spending hours trying to solve these tricky, often hidden puzzles throughout the game.

In a recent video, TwoGuysPlayingZelda have chosen their top ten shrines from the game. How is it possible, you may ask, to choose from such a large variety? Well, these two took the 120 shrines, cut it down to 73 by throwing out all the ones that were blessings or just tests of strength.  The leftover 73 were then ranked on play-ability and trickiness as well as overall aesthetics to find which ten were the best.

These self proclaimed “not experts” when it comes to Zelda give viewers good commentary and thoughtful opinions on what make the chosen shrines the best.  Be sure to check out this video, and when you are done, feel free to hop on over to their other Zelda related videos for a good time.

What were some of your favorite shrines? Let us know in the comments below!

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