One of the most significant places in Hyrule is Kakariko Village. With Ocarina of Time marking its first appearance within the official timeline, Kakariko was introduced as a village at the foot of Death Mountain built by the Sheikah tribe. But what happened to it after Ocarina of Time‘s events? In the video above, YouTube user Dr. Wily takes a look at the Zelda timeline and tries to answer this very question.

Dr. Wily offers interesting explanations to various questions surrounding Kakariko. The first timeline branch examined is the infamous Downfall timeline that leads to A Link to the Past. Here we see Kakariko Village on the western edge of the map, as opposed to the eastern side in Ocarina of Time. So what happened here?

We then move on to the Child timeline in which Link prevents Ganondorf’s reign, which leads to Ganondorf’s trial in Twilight Princess. Here there are two villages. One is Kakariko Village to the foot of Death Mountain (as it was in Ocarina of Time), or the Hidden Village up to the north. Which village is actually Kakariko?

Lastly we have the Adult timeline, where Link defeats the evil king Ganondorf in battle and returns to his childhood. For a while, there is no hero and Ganon breaks his seal as seen at the beginning of The Wind Waker. We know Hyrule was flooded by the gods as a final result, but what happened to Kakariko?

In this video, Dr. Wily suggests possible explanations as to where Kakariko Village is in each timeline. Make sure to check it out here and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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